TruSculpt ID: Fat Removal Without Surgery

Jun 08, 2023
TruSculpt ID: Fat Removal Without Surgery
Removing an extra pinch of fat around the abdomen or thighs doesn’t have to cost you hours of effort at the gym or weeks of surgical recovery. Trim those extra inches with noninvasive truSculpt ID treatments during your next visit to our office.

Many people would trim off a few pounds given the chance. With almost half of all adults in the United States attempting to lose weight in a given year, it’s clear that fat loss is a common goal among many people. While losing even a small amount of body fat offers health benefits, aesthetic preferences also come into play for plenty of people trying to make a change. 

Whether you’ve already reached your goal weight or are nearing it, some fat stubbornly stays in place despite your efforts. If you retain pockets of fat in specific areas that resist your weight loss efforts, consider using noninvasive truSculpt® ID treatments for a final push. 

Our weight loss experts at Physicians Weight Loss Center Highlands Ranch in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, have the training and expertise to customize and complete your truSculpt ID treatments to get rid of those final inches around your waist or thighs. Treatments are noninvasive, which saves you the costs and inconveniences of getting surgery. 

How truSculpt ID works

truSculpt ID uses radiofrequency energy for no-contact fat melting. Radiofrequency is a type of low-energy electromagnetic radiation that doesn’t have the health risks of X-rays and other forms of energy commonly used in medicine. 

Radiofrequency emitted from the truSculpt ID device warms targeted fat cells, essentially melting them in the process. It doesn’t damage any other nearby cells. 

truSculpt ID damages fat cells beyond repair. They can no longer hold volume, and your lymphatic system flushes them out as waste in the weeks following your treatments at Physicians Weight Loss Center Highlands Ranch. Most people require several truSculpt ID sessions to see their ideal fat loss results.

In addition to fat removal, truSculpt ID tightens your skin for additional body contouring. Radiofrequency activates fibroblasts, which are protein-producing cells in your skin. They produce more collagen and elastin, two proteins that keep your skin firm, tight, and youthful. This further highlights your trimmer figure after weight loss.

When to consider truSculpt ID 

truSculpt ID is an excellent choice for anyone who is satisfied with their weight but struggles with leftover pockets of fat on their abdomen, flanks, or thighs. Fat in these areas can be particularly difficult to lose even if you follow a medical weight loss program religiously. 

What to expect

When you choose truSculpt ID services in our office, you can anticipate a comfortable and pain-free experience. In fact, many people report feeling a soothing massage-like sensation instead of any pulling, poking, or intense heat. The device never touches your skin: It hovers over you and emits gentle warmth. You might sweat a bit because of the warmth but you won’t feel suffocated and the device won’t burn your skin. 

It can take up to 12 weeks to see the final result of your treatment, so don’t expect to fit into your smaller pants immediately after your truSculpt ID appointment. The results are permanent, however, as long as you’re able to maintain a healthy lifestyle post-treatment. To maintain your truSculpt ID results, you should:

  • Be physically active
  • Eat a balanced, whole-foods diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Minimize stress
  • Cut down on alcoholic drinks

Our team customizes your truSculpt ID treatment based on your goals and can determine the number of sessions you’ll need. We can also develop a personalized medical weight loss program for you if you’d like to lose a few pounds before fine-tuning your figure with truSculpt ID. 

Request an appointment online or over the phone at Physicians Weight Loss Center Highlands Ranch to consult with our team about truSculpt ID body contouring today.