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Wellness Injections services offered in Highlands Ranch, CO

If you struggle with fatigue, general wellness, and/or carry excess weight,  see the specialists at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The outstanding  weight loss and counseling team offers a variety of wellness injections, B12's, and lipotropic fat-burning injections to optimize your weight loss program and health. Call the office 303-791-0111 to learn more, or schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Wellness Injections Q&A

What are weight loss injections? 

Weight loss injections available at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch boosts the nutritional content, metabolism, and fat-burning ability of your body.  Such injectables offer numerous benefits for weight loss and your overall health and wellness. 

B12, lipotropic, and wellness injections provide an effective, safe supplement to seven-day nutrition plans. 

Which weight loss injections are available?

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch offers the following injections as part of our comprehensive medical weight loss programs:

Vitamin B12 -   a water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in normal body functions of the nervous system, brain, metabolism, energy, and mood.

Lipotropic -  (Pure Fat Burn) - this injection encourages the body to release fat. After being released, fat cells convert into instant fuel and energy. 

Vitamin B12 Lipo Mino Mix's  -   this formula compounds the benefits of B12 with ingredients that help support fat burning, metabolism, cell growth, and immunity.  It also boosts energy, prevents anemia, regulates blood sugar, reduces appetite and builds muscle.

Tri-Immunity -  an ultimate immune system enhancer.  This power packed blend of Glutathion Ascorbic Acid, an Zinc Sulfate is a triple defense formula.  It contains potent anti-oxidants and an essential mineral aimed to keep your immune system going strong.  Injection increases, strengthens and maintains immune systems while optimizing healthy cell function, decreases inflammation and aids wound healing.

Ultra Burn - Lipotropic + B12 +B2 + B3 + B5 + B6 + Vitamin C + Carnitine + Lidocaine  Boosts antioxidant levels, lowers blood pressure, improves iron absorption, boosts immunity, treats colds, reduces heart disease and dementia, plays key role in breakdown of fats and carbohydrates for energy.  Helps with migraines and sleep.

Vitamin D - Encourages the development of bones and prevents bone loss, alleviates bone pain, muscle aches, and symptoms of inflammation.  Boosts the immune system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, enhances mood and reduces anxiety, obesity, and cognitive decline.

Call the office 303-791-0111 to learn more, or schedule a complimentary consultation today.