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Personal Counseling With Weight Loss 

Why Personal Counseling?

It’s not uncommon for most people to have difficulty losing weight or sticking to a goal, or plateauing in a middle of a weight loss journey.  Our weight loss counselors have years of experience and knowledge on how to keep your weight loss dropping week after week.  We offer support,  guidance ,  tips and tweaks,  and delve into each individuals current situations to determine how to keep the pounds fallen off.  No meetings, no sharing with strangers.  You receive one on one attention with an expert.  We view your weight loss as our success.  When you reach a goal we do too!  

If you’ve been having difficulty losing weight or sticking to a program, having personal counseling and weight loss specialists along your journey may be the answer you’re looking for. At Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Highlands Ranch, our counselors will be With You Every Day, Every Pound of the Way!    
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Personalized Counseling Q&A

How does Specialized Counseling Work?

  • We conduct weekly weigh-ins on a medical Tanita's scale and take measurements on a scheduled basis,  immediately followed by a private counseling session behind closed doors 
  • We monitor your health during your weight loss program
  • We perform body composition analysis
  • We advise on eating habits and review food logs 
  • We provide tailored recommendations specific to your plan and/or diet and address any concerns
  • We offer emotional support and celebrate in successes
  • We administer wellness and premium fat burn injections 
  • We supervise the weight loss progress
  • We help with food lists
  • We offer behavioral and nutritional guidance
  • We assist with monitoring of blood pressure and pulse rate as needed
Our counselors goal is to help keep you motivated and focused. We encourage you to read our reviews and hear what our patients are saying. If you’re interested in losing the weight and moving toward better health and wellness we are With You Every Day, Every Pound of the Way!    
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