You Don’t Have to Live with Severe Acne Breakouts

Dec 12, 2023
You Don’t Have to Live with Severe Acne Breakouts
An acne breakout can dampen your week no matter what’s on your schedule. Find out what you can do about your acne to enjoy long-term clear skin.

Almost everyone you know has experienced acne at some point in their lives. For many people, an occasional acne breakout is just a fact of life. Despite their prevalence, acne breakouts can cause distress and affect your self-image. 

If you get severe acne breakouts, it’s time to consider options other than over-the-counter creams and scrubs. Our expert team at Physicians Weight Loss Center Highlands Ranch can treat acne without over-the-counter products or prescription medications using the AviClear® acne laser at our Highlands Ranch, Colorado office. 

Wondering when your skin will break out next is no way to live, but AviClear has you covered. Here’s everything you should know about the treatment and how it can reduce or eliminate your acne breakouts. 

Understanding acne

To understand how this innovative acne laser works, you must first understand how you get acne in the first place. During a breakout, your skin's sebaceous (oil) glands produce too much of their natural oils. Normally, this oil keeps your skin from drying out. When you produce too much, it can clog your pores along with dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria. You can thank that bacteria for any inflammation you experience with acne. 

Acne is most common among teenagers because of the hormone fluctuations that occur during puberty, but breakouts can happen throughout your life. There are often multiple factors leading to frequent acne breakouts including hormones, genetics, and specific medications.

How AviClear works against acne

The AviClear laser targets the same sebaceous glands from which acne originates. The laser light heats and deactivates the glands so they produce less oil. Your acne fades away in time, and you can enjoy clear skin again. 

Our experts at Physicians Weight Loss Center Highlands Ranch prefer treating acne with AviClear over medications because the treatment:

  • Produces long-lasting results
  • Reduces skin oiliness
  • Reduces acne scarring
  • Doesn’t require a prescription
  • Uses a cooling mechanism to reduce discomfort

During your initial consultation, our team examines your skin, asks about your acne breakouts, and determines whether or not you’re a candidate for AviClear treatments. 

What to expect during treatment

Our team typically recommends a series of several 30-minute AviClear treatment sessions. You rest comfortably in a recliner at our office as your provider uses the handheld laser device to target the energy into your skin. Each treatment is pain-free and does not require the use of anesthesia. Instead, the device emits a cooling sensation to counteract the heat from the laser. 

After each session, your skin is a little more red than usual. It may take a few days or weeks to see discernible improvements, but eventually your lesions clear. 

To learn more about AviClear and see if you’re a candidate for treatment, call Physicians Weight Loss Center Highlands Ranch or book an appointment online today.